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What Have They Done To The San Francisco Bay?
TJM (January 1948 / San Francisco, CA)

What Have They Done To The San Francisco Bay?

Poem By Tom J. Mariani

What have they done to my Bay
It's yours too you should know
What's been done didn't all happen
Wednesday November 7,2007

The Bay has been shrinking for years
The edges keep getting filled and built on
There's parts best not to get too close to
During low tides - - it stinks

What stinks could be
The effulent that's flowed and flowed in - -
Could be thousands of car tires
And larger machine parts

Know someone gone missing - -
They could be stuck there too
Along with
God knows what

Incoming and outgoing tides
Can clean up just so much
What has been allowed
To be added is a crime

Tides were not intended to flush
Unlimited human waste
Add to that heavy fog
A heavily loaded container ship

A single walled hull
Built for weight and fuel economey
Now that is just too ironic
I hoped they saved enough

To pay for all this
The Coso Busan has only added
Fifty-eight thousand gallons of bunker oil
To a much larger problem

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