What Have We Come To?

Poem By Deanna Samuels

What have we come to in this current world of ours?
In this time of pandemic crisis new weekly rules devour

No large gatherings of people of any sort allowed
Weddings and special celebrations held outside
Dining inside restricted to a few at a time
Patio relief but keep six foot away, stay on your dime
Waiting rooms for consultation empty with appointments only
Legislature sits at required spacing, must be very lonely
Gyms and cinemas operate with restricted special conditions
Though very soon looks like coming to a closure repetition

Masks now compulsory, have become a fad, eyeing how one is clad
Designs of every conceivable type, plain, striped and plaid
Flowered, pastels and brightly colored shades
Certainly makes for interesting encounters along the palisades
Judging each mask for ingenuity, shape and style
Trying hard to outdo the other with flashing eyes and skilled beguile
Fashion and designer modes doing their best to be quite amazing
Though mostly all come to the door anyway, in packages from Amazon

Then there's that grocery shopping, a weekly bore and such a chore
No more! A phone call or completed order slip gets it right to the door
Potatoes to cornflakes, eggs, bread, butter, meat, milk and wine
An endless list to choose from, to prepare, cook and dine
But wait, it does not finish there if instant eat is want
A call to local restaurant brings ready-made feast to swamp
Of course, the usual filling pizzas are always at the ready
Perhaps too, something special, that extra gourmet spaghetti

So many are quickly learning to live this new norm of indoor life
For many it is good with much less worry, much less strife
Others are not so happy to be confronted with this decree
Want to have their freedom, want to go out and be free
Yes, we all want that to happen and happen on the quick
But until the defeat of Covid we must all pitch in, do our bit
That is what we have come to, to now pull together, get a grip
Tow the line, making every possible effort - be triumphant over Covid.

Written at Courtice and Richmond Hill, Ontario - 3rd October 2020.

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is there any other way to save poorer humanity say so lady

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