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Smile Once More

Brush away the tears within your eyes,
Sweep out all despair and smile once more.
Let the years leave you with feelings wise,
Keeping all you've gleaned, safely in store.

Use this knowledge profoundly when you can,
Waste it not, your days have fruitful been.
Value all you've learnt since your life began,
And find happiness in everything you've seen.

Brush away the tears within your eyes,
Let sunshine freely enter and take their place.
And as the weeping seeps away and dries,
A happier time of life, you will embrace.

For there is always hopefulness in the soul,
Such brightness hidden there behind the cloud.
Making our melancholy spirits whole,
When smiling once more, we feel truly endowed.

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (6)

This has a classic, timeless feel. Wonderful. -chuck
The third stanza is so beautiful Ernestine, so full of hope and brillance, I love it... Another excellent poem by you full of strength and compassion All the best Love duncan X
What an endowing piece. WIth love, Susie xxx.
Even on those days when it's just about the only thing we can do, huh, Miss Ernestine? This is a lovely, lovely and encouraging sentiment to share with each of us. Thank you.
wonderfully hopeful poem
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