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What Hope For Humanity

Can one see hope for the future of humanity when the foes of Nature in business and commerce succeed
When our Earth Mother is being raped for her resources by those known for their financial greed
In South America's Amazon Rainforest thousands of acres of trees are cut down every day
The uncalled for destruction of the natural environment for agriculture for to make way
By the destruction for financial gain of our natural environment to our own extinction we will give rise
In our dealings with the Earth Mother who feeds us one must say we are not very wise
Mother Earth would do better without us and life in this World will go on
Long after the very last human from the land of the living has gone
The people who stand up for Nature are the people many demonize
But the Greenies are far better people than many do seem to realize
To me they are the World's real heroes though most with that would disagree
They are fighting for the future of Humankind when they fight for every bush and tree
We pollute the air and the rivers, we pollute the land and the sea
And when the greatest polluters are seen as successful then what hope for humanity.

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