What I Actually Meant To Say

This is what I am saying...
From my lips to your ears.
I apologize for making statements,
Attributed to me while in the company...
Of those very wealthy and supporting my campaign.
When I thought my comments were not being recorded.
And it was extremely foolish of me to do that,
After nibbling on the glazed roasted chicken...
Topped with honey mustard sauce.
And then to take a sip of the exquisite champagne?
Whew...no one should consciously do that to then speak.
I had no idea I was being recorded.

Once that was brought to my attention.
And I had time to change my mind,
I awakened the next day with the realization...
I had made a mistake in assessing,
The lives of the people I so dearly want to represent.
AND what I actually meant to say,
Was not taped at all.
It was there in my head seeking to find my lips.

I hope that 'this' explanation makes clearer my position.
I am so filled with love and empathy for all of my fellow-men.
And fellow-women, fellow-children and their fellow-pets.

'May I ask a question? '

Of course.
By all means.

'Who are you? '

I am certainly not that other guy!
You can rely on me 100%.

'Does that include the 47% you earlier excluded,
From the giving of your love and empathy? '

That would be two questions.
And I recall you requested to ask just one.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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