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What I Am

I am The Shadow, The Loner, The Freak,
The one of which people rarely ever speak.
An invisible friend, shadow on the wall,
Will I ever be acknowledged at all?

I have to shout, let it all out,
To have someone know I am there.
They don’t care and turn away their stare,
Because my reality they doubt.

Clothes of night, and face set in stone,
This is what I wear alone.
Dark on the outside and dark on the in,
That’s what they think again and again.

True and false that statement may be,
Depending on how you look at me.
My outside may show dark as night,
But inside, heart and soul, shine with light.

That is what most people fail to see,
How things really could be.

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your poems are great bro <3 u really have talent Daniel