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You are the divine creation of the Almighty GOD! ! ! His master peice
Tough times don't last, tough gurls do...............a good poem......
welcome to poemhunter. don't be so sad and depress. life has its ups and downs, things will surely get better for you. pl see my poems of 2010 on pg1
Swimming in the sea of sadness yet daness often preceed gladness. Well done my friend. You allowed your feelings to float on the shore of sorrow.
i likes this... n i know what u mean
don't worry. i'm sure that man and woman won't ever work out again. shes' got a better man now, one who'll help her raise her child. don't worry. hes' COMPLETELLY outta' the pic. ;)
hey hope fully u become HAPPY with someone that u care about, and nice poem, hope u keep writing
like a disease there is a cure you just have to find it. Read Thoughts to Ponder.
i like this alot it reminds me of me so much like it was something that i would have wrote