From Within

That volcano looks erupting from outside, but In reality it erupts from within With its crazy lava and its horrible fires, Sometimes volcanoes erupt suddenly, They often erupt silently, and They rarely erupt without a notice, Usually erupt from within with huge lava and great fires That run up, then run down in a snake-like scenario to Scare all people within the circumference of any volcano itself, What is important is the moment in which a volcano erupts To control everyone and everything around it, It is a revolution in which nature commonly beats man Who stands incapable of doing anything towards that huge thing, From within shakes everyone and everything like a coming tsunami, But from within a mountain that wants to control man and his power Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Always from within secretly or openly, A huge and revolutionary thing beats us with higher costs to make Us kneel down in front of its authority, Normally nature (one of God's tool) beats man because man with All of his great authority can not control nature, but Nature is always stronger due to experiences of life, so From within is the preemptive strike that hits before man thinks to Retaliate or to defend himself anytime and anywhere.


Comments (2)

Powerful indeed. I like the way you did these lines: Love, life, hope, laughter, joy, peace. Hate, death, despair, silence, sorrow, war. I like how you lined up the 'opposite' emotions respectively.
Very powerful! I like it.