EYS (6th July 1987 / South Africa)

(what) I Am

I am a
Deliriously dizzy daydreaming despot deluded downwards
Into inviting incriminating incidents. I
am an activist, antisocial atheist addict and apprehensive always about
my mind mutating maybe, my
senses, shot so seemingly
completely. Cruel, conniving, calculated, cold. Capture
eyes emerging, egressing. Endlessly egotistically
procrastinating permeating prickly Pandora, proud protective
hypocritical hypochondriac, heralding harsh happiness,
too tumultuous tepid testy to tease, to tell, to take.
See, selfishness self-centred so strong, so
uncaring, unknowing, utopian, unperturbed,
narcissistic, naive not nurtured.

I am all of those things, and you still
love me?

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Ha Ha Ha! Absolutely wonderful poem, love all of you vocabulary, tremendous thought went into this poem. I love the last line, it's gentle humor! Thank you, RoseAnn