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`what I Became

You did it,
I'm completely face down in mud,
heart shattered,
completely lost.

The world spins,
and this is where it ends.

The line has been crossed.
My anger to the highest level,
Hate written all over my face,
eff off depression,
Road rage is what I'm headed for.
A killa rampage is what it will be.
Last thing I'll do is hurt you,
but I'll hurt me.

Here is a drink to my death.
Selling my soul to the devil for Riches.
Giving my heart away cuz heartless is what I'll be.
I'll drain out my blood cuz my hurt makes you happy.
I'll be a walking zombie.

World, here I come.
Heartless, soulless, daredevil.
That's me now.

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I feel the hurt and anger that is shown in this poem. Such an execllent way to vent