CH (June/64 / New England, USA)

What I Do Just Pours Out Of Me

I must always vow to write from my heart.
I think I've accomplished that so far.
To write from the heart is the truth of one's soul.
I may be new at this,
I've never been educated in this privileged art.
I'm not in this for the approval of others.
What I do just pours out of me.

I must speak my own 'voice' to self-validate my own experience.
Trust my inner intuition of working magic with words.
But when a poet conducts such words that touches the souls of others,
how can one help but to internalize a poet's expression?

I must take caution, not become tangled in another's words,
so that my own 'voice' becomes suppressed,
for fear it no longer would be a valid one.

I must never insult another messenger of poetry,
no matter how loud or soft their 'voice' may be.
For their words too, are meant to be valid.

Someone once told me that writing is 'too disciplined'.
To me, there is no wrong or right way.
It's just being human,
And we all have our own journey to share.

But then I was told to write from my heart,
and my 'voice' will speak louder.
And because of those words, what I do just pours out of me.

(March 2008)

by Cathleen Hodgkinson

Comments (4)

There is an eloquence in what you write, and passion too! I am convinced that poetry is in fact, the window to the soul.
But then I was told to write from my heart, and my 'voice' will speak louder.................................wonderful expressio pouring from a soul noble true, truth when courses upon by the faith of own conviction and sometimes splahes out ruminating into the spaces of need lying low.superb write, i do admire the simple truth, that deserves 10+, thanks for sharing
Excellent poem, Cathleen. I fully agree with your assessment of poetry. The important thing is NOT what others think of it, rather, does it say what you want it to say. If others relate well to it, that is icing on the cake. You have done an excellent job of expressing that in this poem. Thanks Richard
Wow, Cathy. Thank you. This 'is' pouring out of you. I love the content. It's honest and raw. No pretense OR excuses. It's heartfelt. Nice. I think this is 'cascading' from you. lol more like...'poureth over'.