DW ( / Israel)

What I Don'T Have

you're paying attention to the girl who just walked in.
she's got the typical blonde hair, she's the typical thin.
she gives you a wink
you smile back
that smile was meant for me, how can you not know that?
what does she got that I don't have, how does she compare?
Sure, she has what every girl wants, but behind the perfect hair?
i don't want to complain but it seems natural i put you in your place.
for being in love at the wrong time, with the wrong one, with the wrong face.
she doesn't see what I see, to make me like you so bad.
she doesn't share what i feel, every time that you laugh.
so now, i've got to make you mine, whatever it takes
i have to be the heart that you want to claim
if i have to hurt, like noones hurt before
thats okay, because you'll be my reward.

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As a guy i sure am attracted to good-looking gals, but you're right, it's the interior qualities that really are the most attractive. For better relationships I like this quote: Of all worldly relationships, abide in me above all: first, last and always. Be not surprised, in this proper order of esteem, other worldly relationships are in fuller measure, in greater love. -Jesus, quoted in 'A 20th Century Miracle' I'm not a churchgoer, can't stand religion, but a connection with God does what this quote says. Jesus once told me, 'Don't join another church...stay away from religion' In other words just connect with him, and think for myself. Best wishes.