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What I Feel?
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What I Feel?

When im around you i feel like a flower
So liked and respected, So free and loved
Like a bird whose chirps everyone admires
When you look at me you dont look through me
Or at me you look at whats inside
Like a ice-icle i feel frozen but still able to shine
When you tell me you love me my heart skips a beat
And than you kiss me n i never wanna leave your side
When your around me my world lights up
At that moment im sure i will never let you go,
When you hug me i feel so safe and protected
I want to stay forever in your arms
I talk to you for hours on end
Just hearing your voice makes me breathless
When i say goodnight i feel like you take a part of me with you

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This reminds me of reallly happy time, being with someone i really cared about.