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What I Hate

What I Hate

I hate that when I cry my eyes burn so bad
Because they aren’t used to the release
I hate that when my mom talks to me,
She acts as if we are best friends
I hate that my dad blames me for all my moms’ mistakes
I hate how my dad turns my brothers against me
I hate how when I try to help
It’s like fighting with god…
You get no where…
I hate when I want to be angry
It’s not allowed
I hate when I’m hurt I hide it
It’s like I don’t want to be heard
I hate how I feel pain makes me weak
I hate how fear brings me to my knees
I hate how I’ll never be good enough in my own eyes
I hate how I know that I’ve been lied to most of my life
I hate being right when no one believes me…
I might as well be wrong
I hate how I give up when I feel alone
I hate that when I’m tired sleep does me no good
And what I hate most of all …
Is how I never do what I should.

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