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`what I'Ll Do

The shiver creeps up on me tonight..
The cold never felt this cold..
the night.. Never felt so lonely..

I sit here tonight with pondering thoughts of you..
wondering what will come next..
What thoughts would popped into my mind..
What will turn into reality..
or is this just a dream,
and I'm just part of your story.

I will bare it all..
Down to the bone.
I'll rip open my heart.. to show you I'm completely faithful..

My insecurity's taken over me..
I need your reassurance..
your love and care..

For I am weak,
with baggage I can barely keep.
With your every word, you kept me strong..
With your love and care..
baby my heart will live on..
For you.. is what my heart is good for..

and Loving you.. is what I'll do..

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Beautiful again! ! :)