What I Love About A Woman

I love the tippy tip of her fingernail tips
to the silently hidden low of her tiny toes.
I love her lovely hair and the feel of it through my fingers
and her womanly scent and how in my chest it lingers.
I love her gentle touch, and how her arms hold me
and her silken skin, wrapped around my 'naked' body.
I love her cuddly nose because it gives her life
I love her lovely mouth, because they say, 'yes', I'll be your wife.
I love her cute little navel, because it's her connection to her mother,
and it's in such ancient love that I wish to be smothered.
I love her curves that flow so natural, just like nature
Beautiful at best... exemplifying her goddess stature.
I love her hands because with them she makes a link to me.
And I love her legs, for they walk with me into our eternity.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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