What I'm Not

'You are not,
All 'that'!
You may think it.
But don't.'

I'm glad you brought that,
'Fact' to my attention.
To mention.
Amongst others...
You've ensured they would hear,
You notice this,
While they listen.
With a wondering what I'm not.
That you've got stored.
And locked up.
Keeping it from me denied.
While you publicly make known,
What I'm not...
You've got!
And your own homemade chips!

Are you practicing evil?
Or were you born a demon,
Out in broad daylight...
Testing your emotional to drain
Vampire skills.

'I'm the one known,
Around here...
To be a devoted Christian.'

Is that a question?
Or a statement?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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