What I Ment To Say

when we first met, it was over
even though i cried on your shoulder
it didnt mean anything to me
i never thought it could be
i lied to you, because you didnt understand
that i was not like every women
when all i ever want to do
is just ly right next to you
talk to you
tell you how i feel
just tell me this whole thing is real
i said i liked you, that part is true
when all i want to do is kiss you
out of this i just want to say
my friends never thought you were gay
they just protect me from my past
after that guy, i thought he was the last
then i met you and i felt something
faster my heart went thumping
all i wanted was a true loving man
one who would reach out and hold my hand
even though i refuse to choose
that that man is really you

by Brittany Beery

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I can relate... I love the last two lines.