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What I Own

I have myself a car and I own my own house
But, no longer am I married, so I have myself no spouse,
My car takes fuel and my house always takes repairs
The spouse took my heart which left me broke with despairs.

My car gives me transportation to where I need to go
The house gives me shelter from the wind and the snow,
My spouse went with me nowhere, and she always cold
Too bad she couldn't be repaired, or traded in, or even sold.

When my car has no fuel it cannot move it refuses to run
If I didn't own a house, I wouldn't be protected from nature or the sun,
Without having a spouse I feel not needy or contrive 
So, with a smile on my face and a song in my heart; I happily will survive.

Fuel is in my cars fuel tank and my house is fully repaired
For a cold long winter or a long or short trip I am ready and prepared,
I still have no spouse, but I know I could always do worse
I could be broke and living in a tent, and be driven in the back of a hearse.

Randy L. McClave

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