What I Really Thought About Last Night

Because im not the little girl that you say i am
Ill do anything and everything that you say i cant
Because im so tired of being what you say i am
Youll never see
What happens when i open my eyes
Youll never see
What happens as i look inside
What happens to me?
Because i cant swallow your lies as i used to
I once offered everything you wanted me to do
Because im choking on your lie like i found the truth
If the end
Could kiss me softly
In repulsion as you used to
If the end
Could kiss me viciously
In vengeance as you used to
So tell me what happens when i find out
When i finally know what its all about
Tell me what happens when youre singled out
Because im not gonna help you
If the end
Could come down painfully
And sear the remnants of my body
When the end
Comes out to greet me
Ill be welcomed where it takes me

by Newo Enec

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