What I Thought

You are the ruthless;
Who lived in my heart
But was never mine
My heart is the traitor;
Who lived in me,
Yet it became yours
So I concluded;
One should only love ALLAH,
Coz toys of mere clay can never give loyality
But I am kindda handicapped;
As love is like alcohol,
Who drinks once, he drinks again
I know it looks odd;
When there are clouds but no rain,
Sun but no warmth,
But what looks oddest is;
The presence of a partner but not the partnership
While I was considering you as comfort of my life;
Dunno why you saw me as an idiot,
When you lost 'your' love,
Your heart burnt like silk in fire
This all is not your fault;
Infact it is mine,
Coz you never said a word to me,
You were quite for someone else,
And I thought you were worried for me

by Haider Butt

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