What I'Ve Been Told To Believe

Nothing available,
To research to probe and investigate...
Is in need to be embellished.
Or overstate its content,
To give anyone an opportunity to disbelieve.
Since the evidence presented,
And thoroughly documented...
Will never convince those unfamiliar,
With the meaning of authenticity.

'What do you mean by saying,
You have discovered...
More that is authentic that is not deceived,
When I know for a fact,
From what I've been told to believe...
No one can achieve that kind of success,
Without seeking attention to get to impress.'

~I hear what you are saying.
But the facts are what I have.~

'I'm not here to discuss what you have as facts.
OR who 'authenticities' to 'authenticitize'.
Forget that.
I am here to discuss what I've heard.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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