What I'Ve Done

It'll be alright,
It'll be okay,
I should've never let you out of sight,
I should've never ran away,

Things I never did,
Sh! t I couldn't say,
You just laid on your deathbed,
Now I have to pay,

I made you suffer,
I made you doubt,
Now pain I must endure,
I will remain devout,

I can never forgive myself,
I can never forget,
The things that I did,
I will forever regret,

Where pain is a gift,
and happiness is wrong,
Where emotions are adrift,
Where I sing one song,

The song of depression,

The song off loss,

Although musics not my profession,

and my beats are all chaos,

I will not end this repression,

I won't stop singing this song,

My happiness resemble a locked mansion,

Now to you, can you sing along?

by Jhanus Thanatos

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