What I Want In Love


What I want in love
To feel cherished
To feel desired
To feel needed
To feel wanted

To feel cherished before I must perish
To lay down my head at night next to one
Who left nothing undone and my heart won
To know inside she will not hide but with me abide
To feel cherished by her love

To feel desired fueled and fired
To feel her body’s desire for what will transpire
Between us together in the dark
To bring her pleasure and our heat’s treasure
To feel desired in her love

To feel needed with abandon unheeded
Would be the least and feel released
From being needed for necessity’s sake
To feel instead needed because she chose to
To feel needed with her love

And last...

To feel wanted, not unwanted or mis-wanted
To feel I am here because she revered and would adhere
Fast to the hopes and dreams we build together
To feel I was where I belonged in love with her ere long
To feel cherished, desired, needed and wanted in her heart

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