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What If
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What If

What if last night I laid awake thinking of you
And those dreams I’ve had only grew
When I tried to back off and leave
Because I don’t want to greave
From what is lost or never really was
This is what happens when you tango with love
Dancing around soon push comes to shove
And all is lost through this little game
Never meaning to hurt, don’t want to maim
The egos, personalities and confidence
But once you step back and you see this credence
All becomes clear; you know you’re your purpose
To be calm and wait no matter how anxious
Be still and know all is well once again
Giving up sealing it with “amen”
No you wait to see what’s to be
From God the woman who’s worth
Of you talents, comfort and care
The one meant for you, that one so rare.

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