JR (04/10/1991 / Shakopee, Mn)

What If...

what if....
what if the world would end?
what if I messed up?
what if I broke a promise?

would you still love me?

what if....
what if I cheated?
what if you heard a lie?
what if I said good-bye?

Could you still look at me?

what if....
what if I ruled the world?
what if I was in jail?
what if we were just friends?

would you stay by my side?

what if....
what if this was the day I moved?
what if this was my last breath?
what if this was our last day alive?

what would you say?

what if I had so many questions for you
but you had no answers?

what if I had all the answers for you
but you had no questions?

are you willing to stay with me
through all our trouble?

or would this be our last talk,
our last good-bye?

too many questions to ask,
not enough time to answer them

would you even try to answer them?
or would you just walk away and say good-bye?

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