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What If...

What if I were more like her?
What if I had to live everyday, hiding my face from the world?
What if I had to starve, be treated less then I deserve?
All because I’m just a girl
What would it be like if I had to lie?
Just to keep some bread in my pocket as the days go by
And just to keep myself alive
All because the women were abused, and misused by guys
What if I had to let them go?
What if I was caught, taken from my family and sold?
And beaten every time I let a tear show
I wonder, would I even be able to hold?
What if I had to live the rest of my life in fear?
And watch die, the one’s that I grew near?
All because they tried to help me disappear
Would I be strong enough to bare?
What if I were forced into the war?
To fight against the people who tried to save our lives, and more?
Would I be brave enough to sail their shore?
Or be a cowered by the danger held in store?
What If I were caught helping them by?
What if I was chained and they sentenced me to die?
Would I be slick enough to escape my fine?
Or would I be hung, or stoned by their cruel crime?
What if I were forced into marriage?
What if I were locked in my room, and tied to the back of the carriage?
What if I had a son and aren’t able to care it?
Would he help me grow it? Or take it and not share it?
What if I had to wash his feet with my hair?
Unable to look him in the eye, because he didn’t care
What if he loved to treat me so unfair?
Would I be able to live a life of despair?
What if I grow old to have only one story to tell?
About how the life I once knew had gone to hell
Would it even matter to the world?
All because I’m just a girl

There are so many stories I’ve heard about so many girls
Whose lives were destroyed, and minds were impaired
Only because they were Girls, remember
Only because they were girls
Here in America, I don’t know what it’s like
I’ve never had this kind of worry in my life
I’ve never had to think about how to survive
Because I relied on my parents all the time
And now I’m thinking, what if they weren’t there?
What if I had to live just like those other girls?
And watch my life so suddenly disappear?
I ask myself, would I be able to bare?
I’m so thankful I was born in this place at this time
Where I'm so far away from the crime
Where I don’t have to worry what sex or race I’m designed
Where my life, is mine.

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Aye and thank God for it. What a brilliant, thoughtful and disturbing poem, extremely well written