What If?

What if there was no horse to ride?
No pastures to ride upon?
No bubbling springs from which to drink?
No friends you could count on? What if there were no cattle there
That we could sort and brand?
What if there was no place to find
A good and decent man? What if there were no trees for shade,
No grass to grow sweet and green?
No golden waves of summer gain
For us to cut and glean? What if there were no skies of blue,
No clouds to tarry there?
No stars and moon in the heavens above
For us to nightly share? What if there was no God
To guide us on our way?
What good would it do then
For us to kneel and pray? There are so many things
That we should be thankful for.
And it makes a body wonder,
What if they were no more?

by Janice N. Chapman

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