SD (12/02/1974 / Wisconsin)

What If?

What if the challenge had been only a tease?
What if the invitation would have been turned down?
What if warm skin turned cold and moved away?
What if a movie had only been a movie?

Ah but…

What could have been if lust had turned to love?
What could have been if fascination with the mysterious
Had turned into acceptance of reality?
What could have been if there was a second chance, a reckoning
One more step into the dark
Faith that under empty air would be stone?

Ah but…

What is now hearts happy with others.
What is now that the world has moved on
Taking, swirling paths apart
Random meetings.
What is now a friendship sharing unique viewpoints,
Certainty that all is as it should be.
What is now
Are thoughts
Trapped by desire
But penned in by no more than

What if?

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