What If

What if
What if we can lay our minds on display
Would you be scared to
What if you can say out loud the thoughts that play
Would you consider it to be downright blue
What if the words poured down can shout out loud
Would you care to hear
What if we can disappear in the maddening crowd
Would you be in"sane" enough to dare
What if the eyes start yelling your story
Would you want to feel blind
 What if you are to come out of your hiding chamber and leave that glory
Would you still give them the address of the "keeper" residing in your mind
What if all your memories are swept away
Which one would you dyingly want to keep
What if I tell you I find darkness  brighter than the day
Would you not run away  and take the leap
What if champion makes peace with losing battle he would usually win
Would you help him hold on or let it the way it has happened to be

What if I tell you ever since these words are the part of the book that I am in
Would you still want to know me? ?

by Anonymous Still

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