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What If?
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)

What If?

Poem By Danny Speicher

What if I told you my heart breaks often
When you're not here with me
What if I told you my eyes cry daily
When your face they can't see

What if I told you every day I pine
To spend some time with you
What if I said I dream of forever
When we are one, not two

What if tomorrow holds suff'ring and pain
Will you still love me then
What if tomorrow your name is in lights
Will you come home again

What if someday all that was true is false
And our passion might wane
Even on that day will you love me still
Or will I be your bane

Me? I know the answers to these questions
And how I would respond
Oh, the mystery of love is joy to me
It is my greatest bond

So, when days grow long many years from now
And years pass by so soon
And when time has taken its toll on us
We'll still gaze at the moon

And we'll remember memories of yore
Things too great to ignore
Our love will become the stories of lore
For you, I'll still adore

(November 16th,2007)

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