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What If A War Was Declared

What if a war was declared
And no one came,
Citizens got sick and tired
Of that political game,
Old men in their fashioned suits
Wanting the young men to fight,
To kill or to be killed
So, they could prove to all they were right,
Just chess pieces on a board
And they were all played,
What if people got sick and tired of fighting
So, at their homes they all stayed.
What is citizens were drafted
To fight in a horrific war,
Just because their politicians or leaders
All wanted, or needed to prove more,
Soldiers would become disabled
While many would be traumatized or would die,
Fighting in the mud in foreign lands
While their leaders dined in a suit and tie.
What if a war was called
And all civilians went to serve arrived,
They were then given weapons and codes
And only the politicians and leaders survived.
If a war is ever enacted
Let the world leaders put on the gloves,
Let them settle the fight among themselves
Then let us see who pulls, and who shoves,
If citizens ignored tyrannical leaders
And instead, listened to their own soul,
Then they would bury their weapons, not themselves
Six foot down deep in a hole.

Randy L. McClave

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Grandioso, so fair and true. Should be read by all! Have always thought about war like you., but never could express it so brilliantly, poeticaly and justly as you. Congratulations for a poem truly, truly worth reading and stamping on every war-baiting so called leaders of the World.