What If God Was One Of Us? (We Never Stop To Think About That)

Poem By Ninja Soul

Have you ever stopped to think,
What if God was one of us?

We are so cruel to people.
How do you know that's not God,
in disguise to see what has become of us?

There's homeless people,
who has no home,
needing help and we turn them down,
never stopping to help them.
What if that was God disguised as that person,
to see if we would be kind enough to help them?
To give them money,
or even offer them a place to live?

There's people who can't afford to buy food,
cuz they only make enough to pay the needed bills.
What if God knocked on you door disguised as a poor man,
and asked you for food or water,
to see if we would feed him,
or give him some water to drink?

What if God was one of us?
We never stop and think about that.

Would you help God if he asked you to?
So why not help other people?
You never know,
it could be God in disguised as a person,
to see how you would treat them.

Comments about What If God Was One Of Us? (We Never Stop To Think About That)

What if he was one of the homeless? What he think of our indifference towards him? Our indifference towards everyone. Our belief that it is just not our problem. How do you bring such a message to our homes. A big reality check. Some must suffer before they will feel such a revelation. Others have always known the importance of help those less fortunate. Not as a charity that wins you an award. Not as pity. Feeling sorry for someone does nothing to help their plight. But because you actually care about another human being. No matter their culture or race. The satisfactory of grace. A enlightenment of actions unknown by most. We are living like ghosts. We feel nothing, but a numbness. We prefer to dull our dilute the pain. Let the skies be dark and let it not rain. A compensation so we don't go insane. A sacrifice in vain. With familiarities gone. We are but as Hansel and Gretel, children lost in a big forest knowing not what evils might lurk. Good and Wise poem, Cheers! ! !

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