What If's?

What if i fell for you at first glance?
What if you had given me a chance? ?
Would it have been disastrous or a great romance? ? ?

What if we had never met?
What if first impression made you upset? ?
Would we be known as enemies or friends yet? ? ?

What if everything i've told you were true?
What if you found out you loved me too? ?
Would we go for the opportunity or wouldn't know what to do? ? ?

What if............................

What if there's no what if's?
I've known from the start i fell for you at first glance.
Life is all about chances.
Just let me and i'll show you romance.

Everything is set.
We've already met.
I doubt i've made you upset, for us to be enemies yet.

Everything i've said has been true.
I wouldn't know about you.
But i go for opportunities because i truly, madly, deeply love you! ! !

by Tina Dang

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