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What If She

What if she had never lied
I wonder if she still would be at my side,
Still holding my hand and also onto her honor and pride
But, who knows the secrets that she kept inside.
When I spoke to her I always thought she spoke the truth
But, then I was relying on the beliefs of the youth.

What if she had never cheated
And my heart and my soul was never mistreated,
Next to me? I wonder would she still be seated
But then as I think, she was uncaring and also conceited.
When we had met I did not know that she had deceived
And then when I left her, I cried; but my soul was relieved

What if we had never divorced
And I never had allowed our destiny to be enforced,
Would my voice be not stressed, and not coerced
But, her past and her living, she had once again endorsed.
I sometimes think what if we had stayed together
But, now I know that storm of lies and cheating I could never weather.

Randy L. McClave

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