(January 8,1957 / Günzburg/Danube Germany)

What If The Stars Were Barred From Glittering

If scientists could put it to the test,
They might eventually want to check it out - for a minute or two,
To learn and see what effect the test could entrail:

Placing a huge repellent shield around and
Above the earth's highest skylines,
Wholly thus enveloping our globe's atmospheric layers
With the target being to see what could happen
If all the stars that are
Constantly beaming their shining faces down on all of us here
Were barred for just a moment or two
From their lightning-speed glittering through
Onto our world from out there in their
Open vastness of cosmunicative space.

- Somehow I feel thankful that it took another DaVinci,
For them not to be able to do
More of monstrous technological feats, like this one
envisioned here. -

Since we have to be afraid they might not be able
To reverse such a mighty fatal star-blocker shield,
Once set up,
And not be getting out back anymore to
Where we, the heads of the Earth, are
Standing on our feet now,

All of us earthlings getting stuck up in
A stars uprooting operation -
Plunging us for good into mental black-out.

Or would anyone of us - scientist or amateur - have
Premonitioned that, all of a sudden,
Every man on earth was to suffer
Total loss of all mental contents,
Now any time so much taken for granted
To always be there ready for our brains' taking,
All our customized reasoning powers,
Acquired rules of logic, and
All of everyone's memories and
Good-times resolutions
Instantly being blocked and barraged and
Rendered helplessly inaccessible?

All beings, all together, so mysteriously, all of sudden,
Becoming one heart and one soul -
Love without a thought for
Survival exponentially on the increase -
In a wholly new form of human co-existence
Mushrooming up after the hypothetical
Experimental push of just one tremendous
But fatal space-explorer button?
Mysteriously feeling no more need, all of a sudden,
For the many many stories of old
That they themselves, WE, as
All our forefathers alike, so far,
Ever had enjoyed making up in
The wonted communicable mind?
Mind thus knocked out along with all stars,
The very nodes of Mind's network blocked?

And wouldn't it be that without the stars' shining
Even the dogs stopped barking at each other? ! -

What a terribly vain boredom I feel would be
Spreading all over the places on our lush Earth
There where that starlit life once had come to
Sprout and to flourish so wonderful
- Then dying to see the light of stars on darkened days again!

And the irony of all of such a sudden
Darkness that were to come over us,
While Father Sun couldn't understand his world anymore:

Even all the remainders of highest intelligence,
On top of all creations - here on Earth -
All these many bits and bytes of all sorts of
Itemized, materialized memory and communications ware,
Serving these crafty days,
More and more densely to
Hold human mind together
In one shell spanning the
Networks of mind stuff,
All of these were likewise,
In the same one strike, but
Turned into being overstatedly gay and flamboyant
Redundant articles of litter,
Electronic carapaces of human mind's extensions
Scattered plain useless throughout,
What just a moment before the shooting up of the star barrage,
Before the sky-rocketing of the total star-blocker shield,
Were master aides for use in
One of the most intelligently comfortable animal settlements
On all manned planets,

With their former makers' and all the
Smartly organized matters' users' brains knocked out -
Knocked out to a total standstill -
Suddenly all connections in mind coming to a sudden full stop,
With the stars left out Mind's functions dropped off -
The gadgets remaining to be only
Excrements from a lost past
Only a hurt now to the dull eyes of
Millions and millions of unusable stand-by brains
That now all stopped their wonderings and
Ponderings and correlating with things.

The only one thinkable positive thing about it,
If anything at all:
Suddenly we could be, for the first time ever,
Re-living that speechless original awe of the animals
That some of them seem still to feel
When faced vis-a-vis this most elegant flower of life,
Our uplifted being's outstanding head.

Completely different heads then
Looking out from yesterday's mirrors,
Though yet looking all the same as before.

With our mother planet and ourselves robbed of the stars' shine,
Even the looks and features of people, in a generation or two,
Might but get lesser touches of nature's inborn beauty, alas!

For how could the old time-tested characters
That had all been once alive
Now in a starless world ever
Have chances of re-incarnating into
New contemporaries that were fit to
Continue the old surge of their lives' passion
When the akashic records cannot
Burn their genetic messages anymore through to
Where they were meant to go to _
Into new possibly most proper vessels of
Physical details dancing through time and space.

When it is that the dreaded global
Stars shield would be rendering defunct
The complete cosmic library of codeces
For all of life's character patterns,
Getting withheld along with the stars
From all who had ever incarnated through time before,
Once or through some more of life times,
In spite of the patterns safely being
Stored away in seed forms
There on cosmic mind's very intrastellar shoals of ether,
For determining possible future births of
Each and every past being -
After each and everyone's star written code.

The consequences of trying to see if it would make any
Difference with us here on our globe
If there were none of all these beautiful stars shining,
As they have been shining ever since
And are shining now, and hopefully will be for ever,
- Luckily a mere hypothetical disaster envisioned here only,
As it serves to be a perfect example for
Highlighting the true nature and functioning of Mind -
Seems to be an endless-liner
That, luckily, one doesn't have to repeat perusing
After once having comprehended what its message was -
About this our so glorious mind.

by Erhard Hans Josef Lang

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