What If Time Would Never End

What if time, would never end.
Dance would we, with the light we'd bend.

What if time would never end,
I think I'd drown, in the hour glass.

Oh how horrid would that would be!
The sand that falls would streach as far as the sea.

And flow to a wicked current.
To drown in sand, to drown in sand, this would have to depend.
On the time that would never end

Things I hate I'd love to offend
If time would never end.

And all the things I love would dance in the light.
The things i love would trancend with the night.

All things I love. WIth maddness I hate.
All things I love, i'd have to create.

I 'd have to exscape. if time would never end,
I think i'd die, at least i'd love to pretend,

But if time never ends, this at least i'd recomend,
Drown in the tide of the hour glass.
At least then time would pass.

by Ron Farmer

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