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What Ifs
NE (1991- / )

What Ifs

What ifs drill themselves into my brain
Not nearly as deep as you did last night
What ifs are undelivered promises that never will have came
What ifs draw themselves closer
To devouring my heart, and with it,
My undying love for you
What ifs are filthy liars
That mask our only truth
Those what ifs form dirty cells im forced to crawl into
What ifs also make the same jail
That seems like its holding you
What if what ive seen
Could become what truly is
Because i dont want to lose
Everything i have in you
What if im the only thing
Holding back what could blossom further
For us to become another
What ifs are useless garbage
Used as tools by those that hate
What ifs are my just punishment
For all the hearts ive ate

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