DC (10th october 1985 / leicester)

What Ifs

What would life be
If you was still here
with me, would it be
Better would it be worse.

Would it be the same
What if your death was a dream.
What if all our life is a dream.
What if right now while I’m sleeping
You are by my side reading.

What ifs, I wish was true.
My one and only wish
Is to be here with you.
You shouldn’t have died
You was too young
I should of held on to you
You was my mum.

You was only 37
I think its wrong
That you were taken to
Heaven so soon.
Why didn’t they let you stay

Maybe just for a week longer
Or even just for a day. I write these
Words down because I am to sad to say.
Guess its better that you are not here
I say this because while your are sleeping
You are feeling no pain.
Good bye to my mother and my friend
I’ll remember you until the end.

by Danielle Candy

Comments (3)

as myself motherless i realise the pain; good but sad poem
Without a mother, there is no other. Shane
Awww...Danielle...I can feel tears welling up in my eyes...I am so sorry for your loss...I am a loss for any comforting words to say...except...please keep writing and expressing yourself...it's a good way to heal from grief. It takes time...welcome to poemhunter...we are here for support. Hugs, dee