What Incentive Would They Have...

Those upper crust need not be butter uppers.
You or anyone else will not find them,
Trying to impress with mispronounced quotations,
Used to address the interest of those captivated...
By proper etiquette or ivy league schools selected,
To attend at the benefit of their well dressed children.
Not when one can afford,
To buy 'who' and what they want to satisfy whims.
Not them!

What incentive would they have,
To make attempts to publicly flaunt their wealth?
Folks like this can claim to own the air others breathe.
And to pollute it if they chose to do it,
The moment they decided to do this to leave...
If anyone dared to believe,
Their doing it was a joke!
And to impress anyone who insisted,
What incentive would they have to do this?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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