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What Inspires You?

Hey fellow writers of things
From poetry to prose
To all the betwixt and in between~

I have a question!

What inspires you?
Downright delights you?
Ignites the pen you hold tight to?

What is the thing that compels you to let your ink sing?

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Good question! Last one I wrote bit of a mystery. Started with fireflies, yellow lights in woodland. Thought of yellow flowers, St John's Wort. Then up from nowhere came this image of a Spanish Gypsy girl playing her guitar on the stoop of her house and the fireflies seemed to dance to her tune. Like she was her Goddess. It's hard to analyse. I guess I translate a lot of Spanish verse. I love guitar music. So maybe these things we love get absorbed into our subconscious and come out like a dream sequence in verse. So maybe think about what you love, whether a person, a plant, a holiday you remember. Try to describe them as well as you can. Then you might have a poem. hope that's any help. Anyway I'm going to give you a ten for asking a very good question. Asking things helps a lot too. Why is? You know. Always a good lead into a poem. Tom Billsborough