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What Irony
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What Irony

What irony-
tells both the sweetest
and most melancholic stories...

In the autumn of youth
lines cast in drifts past innocence
and extend beyond a child’s sight
in wonder of yesterday

Mourning the parting bird’s song
iron wings take flight
past a longing and wounded hand
the sum of a perfect trail, lost

Love disguised
a crawl between conception
and dust above a cold tomb
The broken heart still dreams
returning to once upon a time
as her lips brush against ghosts

Friends become foes
fueling the beast within
forgetting the heroic face
pretending flesh is already but ashes
as the dying lay open-mouthed in hunger

A sunken stream holds memories
reflective of golden paths
once rainbowed by a brilliant sun
the spirit now echoes in mere vapors

Seeds stolen and planted
in hopes of choking winter
waiting for breath-taking flowers
refusing the true giver of freedom

Days wear on in exile
as peace is exchanged
for a greedy man’s whore
and thorns invade the fire
that once fed the soul

Discord hovers over lament
until eyes hold infinite, the light of truth
outstretched on a flawless bed of ivory

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