DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

What Is A Book

A book is more, than mere words on a page,
It's strength and character, improve with age,
It lingers and lures, until we are smitten,
Those words on the page, that someone has written,

Its message to you, and I it does bring,
It makes us ponder, and think from within,
We picture a scene, it guides the direction,
To some of us this, becomes an obsession,

The story unfolds, from beginning to end,
The course of its path, sometimes will bend,
The author has given, their plot some thought,
Though some folks would say, some authors have not,

Each book that I've read, has one thing in common,
They carry a thought, an image they summon,
The author must do, a great work indeed,
That we conjure up thoughts, whenever we read.

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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