LH (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)

What Is A Father?

Is he the man who you share genes with?
Or he is part of you?
Is he the man you mother married?
Or who you are attached to?

Is he the man who put you in school?
Or is he the man, who will lead you down the right path?
No matter what the school says...
Is that a father?

Is he that man, who gave you your last name?
Or the one who will allow you to give it away?
Is it the man who smiles when you get an A?
Or will hug you when you sick?

Is he the man you see as a mentor?
Who make you want to lead a better life?
Is the the man who will always he there to lend a helping hand?
To pick you up when you fall...

Is he the man who will be there through it all?

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