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What Is A Marine?

What is a Marine?
Is a Marine a soldier?
Is a Marine their country?
Is a Marine a person or a force?
Does the saying
“You mess with one Marine… you mess with them all! ”
Really apply…
Does a Marine pour their heart and soul into their country?
Is a Marine a Militant Man?
Does a Marine strategize?
Is a Marine simply what they say they are?
Or… is their a softer side to a Marine
Can a Marine lead a nation of many
And turn it into a nation of one?
Is a Marine the Red, White, and Blue?
Is a Marine...
Me… You?
Is a Marine the call of Freedom?
Even when Freedom is on the line…
Is a Marine and warrior?
Is a Marine a fighter?
Does a Marine have passion?
Or is love?
Love for one another, love for all…
Does a Marine fall…
On his knees to pray,
When it looks like there is no other way?
Or is a Marine what they say to one another?
Semper Fidelis

Always Faithful

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