What Is A Poem?

A poem may be a tune of a lyre,
or a birth of a desire.
It can be
a consequence of fascination,
a strong passion
or simply an imagination.
It may arise due to a death of a relation
or sadness of separation.

It can be
an outburst of emotions,
a result of reprehensions,
an expression of sorrow
or an impatient wait for tomorrow.
It may be about feelings sweet and sour
or about the mystery of a secret door.
About the agony of pain
or the chillness of rain.

It may be
about a broken promise
or the first experience of novice.
It may be but a few words of love
or about
the graciousness of dove,
the fulfillment of a dream
or just a ray of gleam.

Above all, a poem is a picture of syllables
which is ineffable.

by Rajalaxmi Vasudevan

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