What Is A Poem?

What is a poem?
The words may be sweet,
Unlike water they still leave you thirst.
The vocabulary river is deep,
But the words are scarce
Which I still wonder, what is a poem?
It may sound as good as a singing dove,
But its meaning has been forgotten because we listen without love,
Which leads me to my conclusion,
What is a poem?
The word may be short"POEM",
But it gives the longest meaning
We always jump to the conclusion without knowing the beginning
If only we knew,
what is a poem?

By Kudakwashe Kasio

by Kudakwashe Kasio

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Wonderful poem of choice
The question raised is answered by the word everything.
Very nice poem to start with
A good start with a nice poem, Kudakwashe. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.
If you knew what a poem was, you would write one, correct? There are many different types of poems. Some rhyme, some don't. If they don't rhyme, what makes them a poem and not prose? When you know the answer to that, then you will know what a poem is. Thanks for posting, and welcome to Poem Hunter!
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