SF (June 17 1942 / Troy New York)

What Is A Poet?


What is a poet?
There is not one answer
Each poet is his own answer

There are general answers
“A lover of Beauty in words”
“A master singer of deepest human feeling”
“A maker of light with sounds”
“A metaphor dancer in dreaming”
“A praying to God’

Even the general answers are personal answers
And this little poem one effort at an answer
Of what others will answer
In their own individual ways.

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A Poet as I am also referred to as is an accomplished writer of poems but can also produce other literary works. It is an artful expression of life's ups and downs, wisdom, peace, love, hate, war just to name a few. It is written to provoke deep thoughts, enrich, enlighten, and uplift. I have a poem Poetry in Motion that will add some insights to your poem What is a Poet. It transcends many cultures, religions and races. Music expressed in fluidity of words. Appreciate this write.
Poet are those who are familiar with words of some language. Doesn't even have to be English I know a poet who writes in both Portuguese, and English. There is not much difference to those who can understand. Some say there is something lost in translation. But to poet there can be no such loss. All poems are beautiful in there own way. No specific size, shape, or form. Just a place to keep the heart warm. Excellent poem poets, thanks for sharing it.
true lines as each poet has his own song to sing not to worry bout the world and with no reason just go on writing i appreciate your this pleasing poem thanks
A lovely poem about the poet I also wrote recently POETRY and earlier POET plz do read got the time / thank you sir