DT (May 04,1944 / Vandavasi)

What Is A Religious Mind?

Inspiration: What is a religious mind? Is it a mind filled with facts, figures, concepts and theories? Or, is it an empty and innocent mind with no preconceived notion? To be religious, do we require time, practice, experience and knowledge? -J.Krishnamurti

He lives in a hamlet
Located in a lonely ravine
With a sylvan surrounding;
Anthropologist calls him aborigine.

He speaks a plain language
Which has no script of its own;
Brooks are his books;
Sociologist calls him tribesman.

He is a free man not ruled by any state;
He owns everything but neither inherits nor bequeaths;
Work is his hobby;
Political Scientist calls him primitive communist.

He stands and stares at Nature
Which is his God;
Gazing at the grazing cattle is his prayer;
Religionist calls him heathen.

He acts not out of fear, favour or provocation;
He has no meaning for the word, ‘love'
For, he has no meaning for the word, ‘enmity’ either;
God calls him ‘My Son’

(March 25,2008.Chennai-600094, India)

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