DG (Jan 4th,1959 / Portland, OR)

What Is Beauty To You?

Beauty is what in the eyes of man?
Is it beauty of people or beauty of land?
Is it fresh as the morning mountain air?
Blowing gently through your golden red hair?
Blowing back your dress as you face the breeze?
Or is it walking through meadows of flowers with ease?
Is it streams running silent through meadows of dew?
Or the love for “peace of mind”?
What is beauty to you?

Is it birds flying gracefully among the trees?
With their amazing songs echoing through the valley’s?
Or the innocence of snow feathering to the ground?
When the cool freshness of winter is all around?
Is it winters love, fresh as the air it brings?
When you can hear the clearance of wedding bell rings?
Or the hush of the wind and the coolness of the night?
Or the beauty and warmth of the morning sun light?

These are beautiful thoughts (and I’m sure you’ll agree) .
There’s not many a more beautiful site you’ll see.
But nothings more beautiful then for cripples to walk.
Or the blind to see.
Or the mute to talk.
Or the deaf to hear the sweat sound of a kiss.
O Lord, there’s nothing more beautiful then this...

by Dayle Gaylin

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Last stanza, third line, very applicable and poetic